Rochdale Ki Aikido

Mind and Body Development

Infinite Tai Chi & Chi Kung Class Times:


Aikido & Ki Development Class Times:

Monday 6pm-7pm (Juniors 10 years+)



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Our classes will teach you:

  • A skillful form of self-defence.
  • Improved physical fitness, flexibility and increased energy levels.
  • Calmness, focus and fluidity of thought and mind.
  • How to develop 'Ki' through mind & body exercises along with meditation.
  • Beginners to Advanced level training.

*£10 for the full two hour sessions. (Tai Chi - £7.50 for one and a half hours) or attend any or all of the regularly scheduled classes at the Moss Mill dojo includes Aikido and Tai Chi & Chi Kung sessions - only £25 per week (Mon-Sat).

*Private tuition in Aikido, Ki Development and Tai Chi is available at £20 per hour.
Infinite Tai Chi & Chi Kung Lessons Thursday evenings 7pm - 8.30pm.

Where to find us:

Moss Mill Unit 4G (4th Floor)

Woodbine St. East,


Greater Manchester.

OL16 5LB

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